Dil Mil App Reviews

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Good app

Well made and easy to use. Happy dilling

Great app

Grew app for south Asians to interact with

Great and easy to use

Love it


Has a bunch of glitches and location isnt accurate.

Waste of time

Quite a few bugs. Couple of them -- 1. I am not sure how to look at pics when it shows the profile info. All I can do is rewind to see the previous match and view the pics of current one again. 2. I cant see what is being typed in my bio when I am trying to edit it. The keyboard covers it. 3. Cant add any pics that arent in my social media accounts. Duh! 4. Repetitive profiles 5. How difficult is it to show the ones closer to me first, and move to other parts of the country?

Great App

I love this app!

fake! its a fake app !

Even its all good comments are fake ,I see people but this like honey pot but isolated in a glass pot with a other glass pot eventually give dil 1.no direct message why why ?even using money 2.some peoples are repeating 2x 3x omg 3.one people you Match like in one year dill but no response wow clap clap nice fail fake app thanks

This app got me a threesome!!!

I banged two girls!!! At once!!!

Location issues been a prob since the start

Most matches are out of state needs location to be fixed.

Keeps getting better!

This app just keeps getting better! Def has the potential to grow into a huge social platform! Keep it up folks! :D

Good idea but bad business sense!

So, the app makers state We limit dils to ensure high quality matches. Each dil you give shows a level of commitment and interest. But then, they go on to say Become a VIP and get unlimited dils. Thats a ridiculous excuse to make money and they know it. For a startup, capping your users usage time by limiting it to a handful of matches is ridiculous. Filter criteria is limited and should be expanded if this is the case. Diet would be a great use case! You may want to consider putting the app on the American store and providing a better price for in-app purchases. Current setup is way too costly. Latest update makes going back a premium option which is ridiculous considering u have a time limit on viewing pix and cant go back to the first pic which even tinder allows.

Best app for South Asians

I have been on this app for almost 6 months now. I have seen it evolve and I love this app for the quality of users it has.

I am getting married!!!

Thank you so much guys! Owe you everything - found my soulmate!! Will recommend to everyone!!!

Recent version 3.0.2 is broken

App is failing to launch on iPhone 6. Please fix it :(


My DilMil is completely frozen and stuck. I am getting notifications but I cannot even open the app. I have tried quitting it and shutting down my phone, but it wont reload. Not sure what to do...

Cool idea, keeps getting better

I have struggled to find quality Indians on other platforms. This app has the best selection for far! Like the new app changes too.

Fantastic app!

Definitely worth the download. Props to the Dil Mil team!


Been using this since one of the earliest versions and am constantly impressed with every update.

Profile deactivated

My account/profile was hidden repeatedly for photo violations which were unfounded. After 7 days and multiple messages asking for a resolution, no response or attempt to fix the account was made. Good app when working however. Hopefully they will fix this issue.

Ok idea, terrible app

App crashes every few seconds . Not worth the headaches

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