Dil Mil App revisa



Location Settings

Why is that the closest you can choose for location is 500 miles?

Fake profiles

Tooo many fake profiles

Only FB based login????

No fb account so useless to me

One match from 1B Indians

One match from 1B Indians ..need i day more.greed not live is the MO of this company..Hope that helps

Login with FB doesn’t works at times

Login with FB doesn’t works at times

Great UI

Intuitive and easy to use

Awesome App :)

It’s a great app to connect with people across the globe or near you, for not only relationships but for professional networking as well as long term friendships and no one knows you might find your soulmate here. I would definitely recommend to try this app.

Awesome app

Very easy to use and super support team to get you the help you need right away.

Glimpse not working.

The glimpse feature does not work after a short time. The glimpse becomes empty. The support team tells you to check your filters but it is not that. There is some type of bug that suddenly makes the entire glimpse empty. There were so many people I had not liked yet but the glimpse suddenly went empty.


Can you please make login/signup option without using fb or add an additional option, because so many people don’t use fb now after the privacy leak testimony, I feel like we should have other options.

User friendly

My friends and cousins told me about this app long back and I was hesitant to download it. Just started using it. The app is simple to use and has lot of options 😛. I would recommend this to all the singles who would like to have fun filled life. P.S My cousin is getting hitched with a guy whom she met on this app. So I know it’s working why not try your luck here😉.

No privacy from people outside of your filters

It's unfortunate that Dil Mil allows paying users to see everyone on the app. I received messages from people outside of my filters. This does not respect the use of the filters. I highly do not recommend the app.

VIP subscription

Bogus app. Limited dils. No match for being a member for 1 Month. I feel like there is no point being here without VIP subscription. How much is the subscription $19.99 or $29.99? It’s confusing.



I need my money back

Why did you remove the miles location filter?

Buying a premium version is like wasting money

Don’t waste your money to buy premium version of it!! So many inactive users!! Waste of time!!!

transphobic & exclusive app

im a nonbinary south asian person looking to meet people like myself. as soon as i opened the app, i was forced to choose to categorize myself as male or female. this renders the app useless to me. now i have to delete the app and find a queer-inclusive app. please make your platform inclusive to ALL south asians, including hijra people.

Good App and Great customer support!

My experience with dil mil has been good so far! Highly recommend it!

Very glitchy and distance should be standard

The app doesn’t work all the time. Have trouble signing in a lot. Distance should also be a standard feature. I don’t need to be matched with girls 2000 miles away...common sense.

Great app and great customer service

I had one issue where I didn’t get the days I paid for when I cancelled. Now that I’m a non paying member I have no complaints. Don’t pay for the app and cancel it, is the lesson. They’ll milk that cash from you. Other than that, any issues I had were resolved by customer service. Btw: customer service, you still owe me one months worth of paid member privileges

App needs so much work

App doesn’t know exact locations, how do you expect to have someone meet another person if the locations are all out of the country or far from own location, app isn’t helpful at all

No nonsense app

The best part of the app is that no one can message you/bother you if you are not interested. One can keep their privacy as well as choose when and with whom to communicate.

Please include location as required field!

It’s so hard to find something real with just the “nearby” indication 😿 especially if people are traveling consultants. If location was a required part of the profile it would be so so helpful

Can't use without Facebook

In today's world, why do we want to login with Facebook account. Sad part is no way you can create a new profile in the app. You must have a Facebook account. I don't have one and can't use this app.

Don’t know if it’s working or not.

I’ve used quite a few dating apps from the App Store and I’ve had quite a bit of luck with each one. Unfortunately it has been an entire day and I still haven’t gotten a match. Not too sure if it’s just a bug or what. But overall it’s a pretty solid app.

Finding love

Great app to use to find someone you love.

Dil Mil VIP

I’m being offered vip for $30 while friend is being offered vip for $20. Why is that?

Great application and friendly user interface.

I would recommend this application to meet new people in your area! Have been using it for a few days and you meet some great people. I had some questions about the app and support staff was quick at responding and great at helping guide me to have the best experience on the app. Keep up the great work!

Worst dating app I have used!

The app allows only 140 characters to describe yourself. So basically the app forces you to choose your potential life partner based simply on either their looks or how catchy they can sound using 140 characters. Great!

Let’s Match & Dil Mil

Perfect Desi dating app with all good profiles with real pictures. Love this app and new upgrades are making more and more user friendly.

Could be better

Decent. App crashes or servers crash quite frequently.

Why facebook

I dont have a facebook and i shouldnt be required to have one to make one

It’s okay

I don’t like how my distance stays on a national level because I’m not a subscriber, the likes run out fast and do not restore till a long time and when they do it feels like less and less

Not the same

VIP user: I’ve tried VIP and I won’t say I’m the greatest looking person in the world, but i use to get matches often 1 year ago. I downloaded this app again a month ago. This time around I didn’t get anything. So, i tried VIP, i did what other reviews I’ve noticed said. I liked everyone probably more then 100 profiles and i waited. I received no matches. I have a feeling a lot of profiles are inactive or my profile was not visible at all to the people i liked, either way it’s not what i use to be. Also, it keeps crashing. Seems like every time they fix a problem another 10 occurs. Also, you have to use FB to sign in. I’m done using the app. I hope they fix all the problems for their users tho.

Terrible dating app, had high hopes for this one

It been over a week, and still have not receive even one match. Is this app working perfectly fine? I changed my profile picture several times, but I’m guessing my profile is hidden from other people’s view. FIX THIS! I am glad that I didn’t pay for this app.

Can’t open the app

App closes automatically whenever I try to open it

Crashing on the iPhone X

It keeps crashing whenever I try opening this app.... any reason? I uninstalled it and downloaded it again but still nothing

App crashing every time I’m opening

There is a bug that is making the app crash everytime I’m trying to open the app.

Facebook required

Not everyone has facebook or wants it. Seems lazy to not have its own registration methods and the “security, bots” concern doesn’t make sense since facebook is bots-central.

Decent app!

I knew about this app before but now downloaded the app. I have been using it on and off for a while. This is one of the best desi dating app. It’s amazing to see amount of people to choose from and you can also narrow it down via filters. I enjoy the way it lets you match with people. Well made app - hats off to the whole team for creating dil mil. Love the name of app too! It’s nice! So far loving the app! Thank you for creating desi dating app! Thank you! Love the customer service support also. I had questions about the app. I emailed my questions and very quickly got the feedback and responses back. Thank you! Keep up the great work that you all do. Thank you so much!

Fraud about free trial and bad customer service

Beware if you’re clicking on free trial! Of course not worth paying, in fact not worth even using free. Can’t believe that I clicked for free trial only to find out later that I was charged $35 for a month. Customer service was garbage as expected “no refunds”. Definitely deleting it now!


I joined dil mil to potentially meet someone that I could connect with. You get a lot of matches 2 weeks into joining initially, but after, it slows down significantly. You’re also less motivated because the quality of people you’re shown looks like roadside romeos. There are also a lot more fobs than before — which as an Indian-American from the Silicon Valley, I could meet very easily if I wanted. I am trying to connect with someone who has a similar upbringing as me.

Awesome UI, great Customer Support!

I love the way the app performs and looks. It looks better than many dating apps, and I also like the filters. I had a few issues with writing a description and my photo not being okayed, but Customer Support got back to me quickly and was very friendly! It felt like talking to a friend rather than a traditional, robotic Support agent. Overall, the app has grown a lot since I first learned about it. I hope it keeps it up!

Update needed

You can’t read messages or send them.

Not in a big city? This is garbage

I was in NYC and got multiple hits during a weeeknd. However, the minute I went back South, it has been crickets for 6 months. Atlanta is 4 hours away and this app has failed me repeatedly. There are some serious algorithm hold ups with this app, IMO. I am probably no where a tall glass of water when it comes to looks, but the stark contrast between NYC and Savannah is hard to explain. I also constantly get ghost “new connection/message” red icon show up on the bottom drawer when using the app, to be thoroughly disappointed afterwards :/


Horrible app that does not narrow down the distance

Tech issues

I’m having issues changing my bio. Any help would be appreciated

App crash and notification iphone 8 plus

Notification not working Crash after applying filter conditions

Perfect App For Ture Love

I like this app . And I found my true love on here . Thanks to all Dil mil team

Follow up is missing

A good follow up is missing in this app. I felt it was good in other apps

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