Dil Mil App revisa



Only see your own religion?

It’s lame how you can only see people of your religion and community. Make it so that you can see everyone.

Horrible app and customer service

I tried their free trial service. And they then charged me even after I cancelled. I tried contacting them. They say they will respond after 3-4 business days, but that doesn’t happen. They won’t refund my money. I have absolutely no use for their app because I couldn’t find anyone on there.. not because I’m picky but because I’m tall for a girl and everyone is either a fob or too short in comparison. So, I’m sitting here paying for a service and getting nothing in return. And they don’t have the decency to refund my money. I advise everyone not to use this app. Try anything else. Literally anything else.

Worst Experience

Nothing was changed, this is the worst app and worst support team ever ! This is all crap all fake accounts managed by their support team! They are looting our money ! Ignore this app!

trial error charge

I was charged 37$. If it can be reversed I don’t have an issue with the app, otherwise it went from one click to paying 37$ for nothing. Please contact me directly.

Not working on latest iOS version 11.4.1

It’s not working on latest iOS version 11.4.1, it stuck on quotes, or application crashes.

App crashing

I can’t even get the app to work it’s constantly crashing.

App won't open up

I tried to install and uninstall this app but it still won't work, it used to work earlier but after upgrade app won't even open.

Can’t download

App keeps crashing!

Stole my money

I canceled my account and also deleted the app and they still charged me money. They lie about the free trial. Don’t believe them. I will delete this review once you guys give me my money back.

Does not work

Crashes before I can even create profile.

Can’t even open the app

Soon as I open it crashes I restarted phone deleted re downloaded no luck horrible. I’m using iPhone X

Don’t waste your time!!

This is the 2nd time I’m writing a review for this app that’s how bad it is! Worst location system ever compare most apps out there! All the girls I see are in Georgia or California! According to Dil Mil app there are no Indian users in Chicago! 🤦🏽‍♂️ Even if you match with someone you can’t send a message and most likely they will be at least 300 miles away from you!! Waste of time. Good idea but by far the worst execution out there!!


I can’t even open it! As soon as I log in, it crashes.

Worst Customer Service

Its been a long time am been using this app, sometimes turning into a vip member and sometimes a free user. Its been a long time am facing a issue that i cannot respond to my matches. I cannot type a message to my match. Customer service sometimes replies in 2days sometimes 5days and no reply. Been complaining for same thing couple of times and they replied reinstall the app. Problem still continues i uninstalled app thrice and reinstalled but problem still exist. Have put a complain again but no reply yet. Wow.... never expected this.

Locations error

Locations settings are very flawed. I live in NY and apparently this app thinks California is within 500 miles. Needs A better location tracking system. Otherwise this 2 star stays a 2 star


Too many glitches. The app should have something to pick what kind of Christian you are. In South Asia, there’s many to choose from. Not exactly sure what the difference between paid and free is, but the amount of matches you get significantly drops after the first week you join.

Overrated and useless

35 dollars for paid version? Are you kidding? Not at all worth.

Can’t see the notes you send

Why so?

I've even paid for it

So I paid for the VIP elite and since I have purchased this I have had to remove it and re add the app countless times to just message those who have liked me. 2nd I had to delete and readd the app just to sign in countless times. I have had more problems with the app since I've paid for the app, then when it was just the free basic version. I will never pay for this app again, I rather go to shaadi.com

Subscription charged after deleting the account

I have deleted my account but even after they they have charged subscription fee for next one month.When I contacted them they are not ready for refund or reinstating my account for the subscription. In fact Dil Mil have stolen my money for doing nothing.

Worst App ever

I couldn’t even sent messages to my matches. What’s the point if you can’t even provide basic features like messaging. Worst implementation of the app.

Does it even work?

Does this app even work? Been on it for 2 months swiped right 100’s of times on different people and I’m on the paid version and not a single one matched? Wish it would at least let me know if they swiped left or viewed my profile or last time they were active or something. App has no feedback and looks like it only works well in big cities, and way too pricy for not having all the bugs figured out.


Doesn’t let me login using Facebook. No other options available either.

Very bad app result

I been using this app since long. They have introduced elite membership recently and I'm using that since month. Since I started membership I'm always getting same result in search no matter how many time you like or reject. Also I had matched with one person and for some reason it is always giving me error when I'm trying to text. Seems they just wanted to spend you money and have you the same results with search. I need my money back. Would not recommend to anyone anymore now.

Bad App

This app is really bogus. I have been trying to get a match for quite some time. I have not gotten a single match.

Frequent App Crash

Good app but there seems lot of bugs. Likes do not work, once you reject someone they still show up so there is no need to pay for subscription 😉 one improvement- add additional filter to find match by vegetarian, vegan or non-vegetarian and better yet require users to add this info at profile update.

Dont like it waste of time

This used to be a good app but after the updates it changed where u dont get people close to ur location u get people from all around the world but not close to where u are so deleting this app as its not worth it.... I understand the match is not within 20 mile radius but why not give the option to the cust to be able to check it within the radius when u can give that option when its paid ?

Worst dating app ever

Been active on this dating app for quite some time now but I barely find any matches even though I live near Chicago n I swipe right on qualified profiles I like. Majority of the girls I came across were either inactive or were using the app as a joke since their frnds told them to make it. I would suggest to get rid of this inactive profiles so guys have better chances to come across someone who is really active on the app n is matured person who doesn’t use the app as a joke.

App crash and notification iphone 8 plus

Clocking continuously ...I dnt know if it searching..app just stalled...should have timeout and ask user to update criteria location

Super Glitchy

Good concept but just a generally awful user experience. App shuts down or freezes all the time. Not sure why the team isn’t capable of fixing seemingly easy issues but I’m sure it’s driving away users.

Decent app, with hefty price tag

This is a decent app, I did get few matches. Now a days, their subscription charge way toooo high, they are charging $49.99 to see the likes.

Good idea bad execution

Great idea but poor execution. The app gets stuck at the beginning and after a few uses it’s just all paid.

Hang on quote screen!

I have iphone 7 and it does not work on it! It always get hanged on quote page while starting the app! Uninstalled it after some tries!

Great for Indians but keeps crashing

The app is great if you are an Indian. However it always keeps crashing. The developers need to learn from other dating apps and make an app that doesn’t crash all the time.

Needs major improvement

They need to learn how to incorporate advertisement within their app and let users have some of the currently “pay-only subscription” functions for free. Their trying to milk every dollar out like Tinder without realizing that this doesn’t have the same audience as Tinder does. The concept is excellent but they need to strategize their monetary methods better.

App crashes

I used it a couple times. There’s no way of uploading pictures from your gallery. The app always crashes when I try to do that! Not just that it crashes randomly when I’m swiping. Need to fix a lot of bugs.

Breaks on iPhone 7

Have you ever done UI testing on iPhone 7? If you navigate to profile from chat, the profile page doesn’t show properly. I waited for you guys to fix before writing this bad review.

VIP features not working

This is my first review that I’m writing about any app. I usually don’t, but this app forced me to write one. I subscribed for the VIP features of the app which gives you unlimited likes. I was charged from my account, however I’m still unable to use the feature. I reached out to the support team many times and i never got a response back.

Creating an account

I’m trying to download the app, and once I download it it’s fine but for some reason when I try to login it doesn’t work, I just keep getting a swirling purple button on the main screen that is trying to load but doesn’t go through. What’s going on? I can’t even login or create an account through fb or anything. Frustrated. Thank you

Does’t show messages in log, shows spinner always

Even though been a paid member, Can’t send messages, nothing shows in log/chat-history. and not sure if anyone tried sending me a message, none unmatched me either, so I guess, no one got confirmation of message sent from their side too. Very bad customer experience. Don’t respond you back. Sent 4 messages, they just respond to my first message on how the fix it, when updated them that fix didn’t work, no one responds, and there is no phone number to reach them at.

Terrible app

Not user friendly at all. Definitely do not get the VIP it is absolutely unhelpful and has no difference from the regular one. Do not download this it’s not worth your time.

Worst dating app ever!

This is based on my opinion and my friends’. There is something very wrong with the fundamental functionality of this app. I have matches and dates from every other app I use. But I have found 0 matches through this app in my city. All matches are from California and I live in Arizona. Every dating app’s core business is to make money by tempting the users but dilmil is doing it in a wrong way. Even premium is no good. Also another worst thing is the character limitation. 140 characters to choose a person living in an unknown state in US AND expect to get mutual match?? Are you kidding me? Extreme character limitation makes you choose based on looks. So dilmil is nothing but modern time arranged marriage! It is very sad that this app has such a huge user base!


Why can't we set the location closer than 500 miles. It's so stupid because I'm swiping people 300 plus miles away. I'm not gonna travel that far for a date WTH? Seriously fix this Update: The app is not showing me the closest people first. It's showing me people 300 miles away and then will sprinkle people 5-10 miles away. I'm in NYC and I have to search for the ones close since they're all mixed in

New profile pic rules are bad

My favorite pic of mine that used to get me a lot of likes is no longer accepted to be my profile pic which makes me upset. I even signed up for VIP. Upset about the new profile pic rules. Edit: after sending me a message saying they would fix my issue, they still didn’t. Seems the developer response was only for “good pr”. Extremely disappointed in this app.




I can’t login using FB. The page refreshes and ask for login details again.

Filters not working

Will change ratings if u fix filters!!

Worst screen shot feature

Title says it all

Unable to paste words in “about “

Rubbish app!!

Improvement Needed

You guys really need to improve on this app!

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