Dil Mil 앱 리뷰

Improvement Needed

You guys really need to improve on this app!

Could be better

Developers definitely need to work on the app. Not sure if it’s just my account but some days I keep getting the same men who I have expressed interest in or declined so feel I’m wasting my time and the dils I have to give.

Can’t even message

Not sure what’s wrong with the app but I literally can not even message any of my Matches back. I get messaged. I go into the message and all it says is loading previous message. It’s on every single person that I have matched


I signed my friend up and swiped on every single girl possible! Not a single reply after that! Smh 🤦‍♂️

Hard to open up

The app is decent wish there was a way to filter by distance also the app takes forever o load sometimes

Dosent work, just keep showing loading symbol

Dosent even work!!!

Worst sc feature

Title says it all

Problems after update

Can't make the location based of where I currently so am stuck with where I was using the app the first time Profile is shifted off the screen so can't see anything Tried reinstalling didn't fix the issues


Way too many fake profiles. I was sure about it from the beginning but just now I had enough when I came across a white girls profile who’s fluent in Malayalam and is Hindu. Also, way too expensive, not worth it.

Terrible and too many glitches

This app is horrible and not worth $20 a month. Heck, it’s not even worth using the free version! It shows matches that around outside the filter limits. It even shows people of the opposite sex which I’m not interested in at all. And it crashes and shows me the same people multiple times. Save yourself the hassle and use something else.


What’s the point of having filters when they don’t work? I don’t wanne go to bunch of teenagers profile or someone 10 yrs older then me. Fix it please!

Fake profiles

I believe several of the profiles are fake. However, very hard to predict that.

Let’s Match & Dil Mil

Love this app but new upgrades are worst and not good.

Shows me the profiles in Canada, when I'm in the US

I read about this app online and thought to give it a try. And my experience has been 'meh'. The smallest radius that you can select is 500 miles! Who wants to find a date 500 miles away?! It will continue to show you the same profiles over and over again. It's usable only if you are a premium member. Otherwise a waste of your time.

A lot of bugs!

Good concept! But I hate using this app as it still has bugs updates after updates! I keep getting the same profiles even after rejecting them. Acceptance rates increase when you sign up as a new user and gradually declines.

Poor app!

Poor app with quite a bit of a lag and crashes on ios platform!! Would request the developers to have a look into the app in wake of the recent update!!

Use the location feature

You need to match people closer to them location wise rather then looking up the entire county for god sake.


The app is really great but if there was a way for to delete the old profiles or deactivate the ones that haven’t been used for a long period of time, that would really help.

DilMil 7 days trail version is completely BS

I have 2 accounts on Dilmil. One is paid version another is free version. I have tried to make an experiment for 7 days free trail version which looks completely fake to me as I liked/swiped each and every profile, Couldn’t even get a single match. This isn’t acceptable. On the the paid version which I’ve got good matches. If you guys want us to use the paid version, which okay to us but stop giving the fake advertisement for free version. Hate this app!!

No matches in 3 weeks

Took a week to even verify my picture

Needs work!

- quotes that flash in the beginning are lame for the most part, and most are regressive - I keep getting matches that are 100-200+ miles away, with no way to limit the area under 500 miles. Ridiculous. - automatically matches you with the opposite sex, with no option to choose who want to match with. Developers - please bring this app into 2018 already!

Likes do not refresh

You get 10 new likes every 5-7 days. Need to fix this.

Likes not refreshing

The app doesn’t refresh every 24 hours for the 10 likes and now requires you to purchase your likes.


likes don't refresh after 24 hours. haven't for 5 days. trash app.

VIP Access is SCAM

Subscribed to their VIP access and I can assure its a scam. God knows what happens to the sent notes. For sure they never get delivered to the next person. Please do not subscribe and save your money.

Guest note

Has potential since it increased the number of hearts. However, the distance aspect can be enhanced.

New profile pic rules are bad

My favorite pic of mine that used to get me a lot of likes is no longer accepted to be my profile pic which makes me upset. I even signed up for VIP. Upset about the new profile pic rules.


The app is just so glitchy. First I would be shown my previous likes and dislikes repeatedly while still using up my likes. Now after the most recent update, I've lost all my matches. I've contacted them through the help section but no response after 2 weeks. I can understand a couple small glitches but there are just so many major bugs. And then when you add on the terrible support, the app is just so frustrating.

Cant Login

Phone number verification fails. Shows message as something went wrong.

Poor App Design and Reliability

This app is one of the most poorly made. Tons of glitches and bugs that hinder the experience. Today it was down for updates and now I cannot even sign back in. Whenever I try the phone number verification it says “something went wrong.” And I just paid for VIP. What a waste of time and money.


How does the notes section work?im not even sure if they get delivered or not?cant see any of them When I made the account I made it on my number and now after I am having a paid account ,it just logged me out and asking for Facebook id which I didn’t register.please allow me to retrieve my account as it is already paid

Tooo many fobs and the app just is a fail! Needs improvement

Honestly the app has so much potential with match making in this Desi world! The fact that our culture has these standards and qualifications etc.. it’s hard being in America and finding someone that fits our western Indian culture along with our parents desire. There is never enough potiential when I log on it tells me, you have reached no more potential matches. BUT I BARELY HAD ANY! I live in a medium size city, but iv expanded my miles and still same issue! On top of it all, WHY ARE FOBS ACCEPTED ON THIS APP there is a reason why we chose this app verses Shaddi because we wanna avoid fobs!!!! I’m frustrated Bc iv been on this for an year and it’s always a fail, iv given up on this app to be honest! It’s useless if they don’t fix this. And like advertise more get more potentials to join!!

Does anyone even use this app?

Very minimal matches. Either the matching algorithm is flawed or just not enough users. Getting plenty of matches on other applications.


My friend was matched with a very creepy guy who harassed her after taking her private number. She was too scared to even talk about it and told me to let it go.

Improve your user radius

This app does a terrible job of connecting local singles. It’s very difficult chatting with someone who’s hundreds of miles away when it’s hard to actually meet up with them.

Great app to meet people

I love dil mil. Its a great way to break the ice and meet people!

Stupid guidelines

Every photo that I submit doesn't get approved. The guidelines are ridiculously dumb like how are you supposed to attract anyone with dumb guidelines like the ones in this app. Either that or someone is hating on every picture I post.

Perfect App

Very Nicely designed app for Desi locals. I highly recommend this app Also the support team is always ready to help and response time is quick. No complaints at all!

new interface is great but so many new problems

First of all I want to say this new UI is great, however for some reason I can’t get past one of the loading screens after the update.

On iPhone can’t use the app...

It just hangs there at Facebook authentication. It doesn’t even ask me to rented credentials. It just hangs - if I cancel it, it goes to app launch page and says ‘Facebook failed to provide authentication token. Retry again?’ I tried re-installing Dil Mil app ( even tried re-installing Facebook). Most unintuitive UI - as a user am simply struck!!!

Why is there a limit on likes?

I thought the app was amazing until I found out I had a limit on the amount of likes per day. The app would be a lot better if the likes were unlimited like other dating apps like tinder.

Don’t buy VIP

VIP and I still cannot search for people near by. You are allowed to send 3 notes per day and I’ve never heard back from any of them not sure if I look that bad or the app just doesn’t work. Not worth the money

Ver. 5.0 removes feature and buggy.

New 5.0 update removes glimpse feature. I preferred to browse through and spend my dils wisely without passing on someone that I may go back to. Also 5.0 introduced new personality traits, some which have replaced old ones I.e. ‘positive’ was replaced with ‘optimist’. However, ‘positive’ still shows up in my profile along with ‘optimist’ but there is no option to remove the ‘positive’ trait. It’s not even an option anymore as it was replaced. I’m guessing this is how some people have ‘bird watcher’ as a trait but I’ve never seen that option before. Some traits are showing up more than once such as ‘animal lover’ for whatever reason. Since the new update, my age increased one year even though my birthday isn’t for another 1.5 months. I’m seeing my matches age increase as well. Before this update, and a problem still, when viewing pictures on the iPhone X, pictures are cut off by the notch. There is no zoom or panning gestures to better view the picture. Also, my friend is offered the VIP service for only $20 a month while it’s charging me $30 if I want it. We’re both in the same location, and we both already used VIP free trial. So why does my friend get it offered for $10 less? Edit for the developers: stop using your copy and pasted response for everything. These issues can’t be fixed by me emailing your support team. These look like they can only be fixed with an update as I’m not the only one with these issues. Also the VIP price ‘bug’ seems more of a scam to get more money from some users, unless you can explain why I’m being charged more to use VIP.

Post review shoddily made Tinder UI

App was great when it offered multiple viewing instead of going for the tinder style one by one swiping. The most recent update removed that and also doesn’t work properly with glitchy displays. At least have a toggle to switch back to old view

Every Update is Like Reinventing Wheel

Every time there is an update I started to feel scared to go for it, In last two weeks I got update twice and each time I ended up in creating the whole profile again again !! And conversations and friends and dils and mils all gone !!! And create it again !!

Version 5 is terrible

Glimpse feature missing in the new version 5. This app is useless without being able to look at the list of guys/girls. Bring the Glimpse feature back. Older version was amazing.

Good app but breaks after updates

I like the app in general but everytime a new update happens something breaks. After the latest update all my matches are gone and even when i am getting notification about receiving messages from my matches I cannot see anyone in my matched interface at all. This is a big issue which definitely needs a fix

Confused with update

Hi! I’ve been using this app on and off for a few months and your most recent update has made me want to stop using it. I can no longer see pictures of anyone on the app. I don’t see pictures when I swipe right or left and I don’t see anything even after I match with someone. Is there a setting I can change to fix this?

No other ways to login other than Facebook

I installed this app and the only way to login is Facebook. I don’t have a Facebook account. Annoying !!

Confusing and inconsistent gestures

New version has introduced confusing gestures. It introduces left tap and right tap to go to prev or next photo. Why not just keep one tap to cycle through the photos! Then it would be difficult to go to previous photo, I guess. Ideally, then, left swipe and write swipe should allow you to browse the photo- a gesture which became natural to iOS users since iPhone 1. Photo app uses this gesture and so are other third party photo app. However, it seems like DM team wanted to jump on the same design practices other dating apps are using and gave up on their advantage. It is just so easy to inadvertently swipe left or swipe right when you just want to browse through the photographs. Looks like glimpse section is removed!

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