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So many glitches!

It keeps resetting my filters and making the same people that I’ve rejected show up again and again. The Dil Mil team really needs to look into this and get this fixed!

Dil mil is amazing!

Great app! Easy to use and user friendly. If you have any issues, tech support responds immediately. Highly recommend

Not up to date

Members who are no longer active still show up on the search. Members who you have liked or disliked keep popping up in your search so you have to go through that effort again. Overall, good idea but with the amount of limitations, high membership fees, and disabled profiles on their site - this app is not worth it!

Good app with best customer service

App looks great and the customer service is quick

Why do we have to have a spyware software application to use dil mil. Facebook

If you are worried about fake accounts, facebook verification is the dumbest way to ensure users are real. Facebook has millions of fake users, they sell data, and they are negligent in their security protocols. Does dil mil sell user data to facebook and receive back door benefits?! I have a feeling that facebook analytics has access to our matches and messages on dil mil. If not than why not create a simple phone or email verification instead of making facebook the only way to create account. It is poor business practice, and you are unknowingly promoting their spyware. Is dil mil not worried about the 150 million users affected by the data breach which would include information such as this app. It’s sad people have to download spyware to meet people. Terrible actually...Make it accessible for people who don’t use facebook please. Bring back the phone and text verification.

It’s alright- good for South Asians

Definitely recommend it, but don’t pay for VIP and VIP Elite until they fix the bugs Pros: -great for the South Asian community!! -easy to use; standard dating app design -can browse through your likes even if it’s not a match yet Cons: -lots of weird glitches (see other reviews) -limited to 10 likes per day; after your 10th like, if you open the app, you’re shown a new profile, but can’t swipe on it. -most of the new profiles i see after my 10th like are never/rarely shown again after my likes/dils refresh -a lot of the same people are shown

Go for it

Pretty good app

Poor or fraudulent

Hey, Don’t get this app. App Developers are stealing your personal information by violating federal rules and regulations. ***Stay away from these Scammers.


Good app for the brown community, has its little bugs here and there but it's worth a try!

So glitchty

I keep seeing the same exact people I already swiped left of right on. What a waste of my time. Also, I deleted my account a long time ago, and it wouldn’t let me recreate account on new device with same phone number. I ended up using friend’s number. Also, every time I filter out a specific religion, it re-filters in later on. Give me my money back!

This app makes no sense Get matched with someone 500 miles away

Tgis was a good idea but it makes no sense you always get matched with someone 500 miles away and you cannot change that unless uou have premium account.. Whos gonna travel 500 miles to date someone 😂 they really didnt think it through

Profile picture issue

There’s always been an issue with confirming the profile picture in this app. Even, it is hard to contact customer support .

Horrible app, full of bugs

This app idea is great, but it doesn’t function well. It is full of bugs. As an app developer myself, I can understand the root cause of the bugs this app has. I am surprised that the developers are not able to fix it. I have to say the development team must not be very competent. If they fix the bugs, this app definitely has potential. This is why I rate it 2 star and not 1 Star.

Useless location feature

Seriously how hard is it to build a location parameter. I get profiles that are 300 miles away and some mixed in at 30 miles why the hell are you showing me people 300 miles away this is so stupid, I have to keep swiping left until I find a person close enough.

Not working

App keeps on asking for details even after it verifies phone number.

Endless verification loop

Before and after the update, same sh! T. Endless, frustrating loop of verifying number. Deleted.

First time login doesn’t work

I’ve logged in for the first time and app doesn’t let me in

Support is terrible

Their app rejects perfectly good photos and basically takes you out of the game. Terrible UI. It’s only usable because there are a to. Of folks on the platform but the support is borderline useless for an app that is clearly broken.

Unable to login

Wrote to support as requested and still nothing. So many ppl have the same complaint about being unable to verify phone number. This needs to be fixed. ————- So the recent upgrade from DilMil logged me off the app, and now, im being asked to recreate my profile, but it won’t accept my phone number as its already registered. WTH! This app is now useless 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

Algorithm issues

The people I have rejected already keep re-appearing. It should just remove those people altogether. I don’t see anyone new come up on my feed whatsoever. Dilmil could learn a thing or two from bumble.

Horrible app

Wish I could give this zero stars. Signed up for VIP and getting the same people everyday for over a month! Deleted old account and created a new one, won’t get past the allow the app to have my location screen.

Lots of Bugs

I logged out and it won’t even let me login, it goes on looping back to the welcome page. Soo frustrating. It won’t even accept some of your photos even you follow all the rules described.

Cannot even login...!

The devs cannot even make sure that one can login.....! Does not even deserve a 1 star.

Bad customer service. Terrible Back end service.

The app is good. There is a great market for such applications. However, the UI is not very attractive. And terrible execution of the service. Also, it for not let you recreate account on new devices complaining “number already registered“. They seriously need to update their backend algorithm which tries one to one mappings of the accounts with the phone number. Also the customer service is terrible ~ 10 days ago I filed a complaint, and I got their automated response that they’ll resolve the issue in 5 business days. Haven’t heard back from them since. Looks like they are from some other world and their 5 business days haven’t been up yet! Not the kind of experience someone wants to have on a dating app!

Can’t create an account

Tried creating an account but the app kept crashing. Eventually it said that my number was used too many times. I tried emailing support as the admin as suggested with previous reviews but I haven’t received a response yet. Will update my review once I hear back. If this review is still up that means I am still waiting/haven’t hear back yet.

Worst app ever

I downloaded it and every time I register, it crashes. Attempted 8 times. Now it no longer lets me register as it states the number has been used too many times. What a terrible waste of time. Dilmil owes me ten minutes of my life which I’ll never get back.

Phone authentication not working-- Developers

Yes phone verification did not work for me. Now it says that the phone number is used too often!!!!! Bummer

Pretty Bad. App is a joke

Firstly, screenshot feature is dumb. Secondly, you only get 10 swipes per day. They tryna get those $$ through a cheap way! Don’t bother!

Only Facebook sign up tho?

For those of us who don’t want to use our Facebook to login to retrieve our data, we should be able to simply use an email sign up. This is dumb and maybe only for those obsessed social media desis. Disappointed in the outlook for this.

Best Indian dating app ever!

I have 3 friends who have found their future husbands through this app, and I may have found mine as well. ;) thank you Dil Mil team for creating a platform for amazing south Asians to connect with each other! Love the Dil Mil community - I’ve made some good friends off of Dil Mil as well :)

Feels fake

Almost no one replies back even on simple hi, feels not so appealing or convincing Tried 7 days trial, Shows the same person again and again even after swiping left or right, doesn’t matter, even if you reopen the app you will see the same persons VIP feature works only first day, or may be there aren’t enough users on this app.

35$ for what?

I don’t think it’s worth a penny Update: now the app matches me with someone, but they would never show up once I open the app.

Fake swipe right

This has become a ridiculous app. First of all if you swipe right the person profile should never show up again. Even if that is not selected. I keep seeing daily and profile without hitting reset dislikes it still shows up. The data is a mock up content. You guys have lost the credibility.

Great app but...

My messages aren’t showing up completely, some of them get cut off and I can’t see the whole message even with the newest update installed.

Wish there were better options

This app is very frustrating at times, from the ridiculous photo/facial detection algorithm not being able to see a face in a well-lit room or thinking I’m a celeb (thanks for the ego boost!), to the crazy 500 miles filter which is showing people from another country! I wish I could go back a few versions of the app, which was at least somewhat useable. Now I can’t upload pictures. Do the devs even want people using this app?

It keeps crashing

So I downloaded the app a few days ago. It’s great and all but it notifies me that I have new matches and then when I open it it won’t show them eventually causing it to crash. Fix this please so I can rate you higher. Thanks :)


This is a ripoff. I took the dil mil vip elite. I am unable to boost, unable to see who already liked me. These guys are not even refunding the money to me. Don’t fall for this trap.

Disabled, Deleted people show up. Don’t fall in trap.

If you’re thinking to install or upgrade your account, please go through this. I installed the app and I was told that I got 10 matches and I have to upgrade to see who liked me. I never got them to swipe organically. DILMIL WONT LET YOU GET MATCHES WITH FREE SUBSCRIPTION. I upgraded my account only to realize that 7 out of those 10 matches have disabled their accounts and the active ones are either living on the other coast of USA or in India. I have my friend who used dilmil long back and later uninstalled after finding it not working for her. HER ACCOUNT STILL SHOWS UP THOUGH SHE DEACTIVATED. And most of the matches or people you are swiping have deactivated. Crazy. And here is the topping on the cake, I get the same people to swipe every day as dilmil is completely out of new users. 😂 Basically, they are out of people. I recommend other dating apps than this as they constantly bombard with disabled and deactivated accounts.

Best Modern Day Dating App

This is a must have app. Swipe left to other dating apps and download Dil Mil now! If mom and dad are on your case about finding THE ONE, you need to download Dil Mil! For South Asians and those alike whose minds have been drilled with the ideology of getting an arranged marriage- this is for you! Dil Mil allows users to select preferences that closely reflect what you are looking for in a partner such as religion/ethnicity. This way you get to choose who you want to give your Dil to! It will be a match made in heaven, approved by Mom, Dad, & that crazy Aunty-ji who won't stop asking when you'll be settling down!

My messages are disappearing

Every time I send a message to someone my message disappears. I already messaged the person twice and the message disappeared. I turned off my phone and reinstalled the app and my message still won’t show up smh. I’m not even sure if they received the message or not. His previous message is show though. Can you please fix this?!

Not recommended if you are looking to date someone nearby

So I’ve been using this application for quite a while now. With the new updates, I see that these guys have gotten rid of the “discover” feature where you could look for people who are much more closer to you which is not the case anymore. I don’t understand the reason behind it! Every time I open this app, it gives me suggestions for people who are 500-1000 miles or totally on a different coast all together! What are you guys expecting???? We are looking to date someone in person and not virtually who is living in a totally different city ! I think the only reason you guys are surviving is because there’s not much competition for similar desi dating apps! I’d strongly suggest to get your location game up and not wait until a big competitor chews up your market!

Only see your own religion?

It’s lame how you can only see people of your religion and community. Make it so that you can see everyone.

Horrible app and customer service

I tried their free trial service. And they then charged me even after I cancelled. I tried contacting them. They say they will respond after 3-4 business days, but that doesn’t happen. They won’t refund my money. I have absolutely no use for their app because I couldn’t find anyone on there.. not because I’m picky but because I’m tall for a girl and everyone is either a fob or too short in comparison. So, I’m sitting here paying for a service and getting nothing in return. And they don’t have the decency to refund my money. I advise everyone not to use this app. Try anything else. Literally anything else.

Worst Experience

Nothing was changed, this is the worst app and worst support team ever ! This is all crap all fake accounts managed by their support team! They are looting our money ! Ignore this app!

trial error charge

I was charged 37$. If it can be reversed I don’t have an issue with the app, otherwise it went from one click to paying 37$ for nothing. Please contact me directly.

Not working on latest iOS version 11.4.1

It’s not working on latest iOS version 11.4.1, it stuck on quotes, or application crashes.

App crashing

I can’t even get the app to work it’s constantly crashing.

App won't open up

I tried to install and uninstall this app but it still won't work, it used to work earlier but after upgrade app won't even open.

Can’t download

App keeps crashing!

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