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Found my husband

I found the love of my life in this app. We are very happy together. And have 8 children. I love my Dil mil man.

Unable to reset dislikes!

This is even after getting the VIP subscription!

Awesome App!

This is a really great app! You genuinely get the opportunity to talk to people you might have never seen without this app. The customer service and support staff for this app are also amazing! After notifying them of an issue, they got back to me right away and quickly resolved the problem! I would definitely recommend this app.

Truly different match, curated matches, real relationships!

Dil Mil is a well differentiated app with quality tags to identify and match personalities for real strong relationships. Lots of interesting features, easy to use and growing fast! Download it now!

Terrible so far

Constant bugs and freezes. Also I’ve been using this app for about a week now, tried the free VIP for a week and didn’t get a single match. Even with their advertised more visibility on VIP I got absolutely nothing. I average about 3-4 matches on apps like Tinder, bumble and CMB a week but on here it seems like my profile isn’t even public. Something seems fishy with this app.

Profile not visible

I have been using this app for more than a month and didn’t received a match. So I asked my friend to see if she can find my profile on the app and she couldn’t. I asked another friend to do the same and even she couldn’t find it. This app has major issues!! Very disappointed

Best South Asian dating app

I think this app is really well done and the quality of the users is superb

Matches disappeared

For some reason without doing anything, all my matches and chats disappeared and now won't appear

Terrible app!

Terrible app! Sometimes your matches disappear and sometimes it just doesn't open. Too many bugs and glitches

All matches disappeared after update

All my matches got disappeared after today's update. And wait for it., i'm a VIP member, paying almost $30 per month. This is not cool.

No option for same sex couples

😒. There is no option to change this anywhere I can find and the app help sends me to 404 error

Great south Asian dating

Awesome app love it


In order to sign up you will require fb account. I find it disturbing that users are obligated to disclose their fb profile in order to use their app. Breach of privacy!

Great potential

Was introduced to this app via a friend. It's a simple and enjoyable to use and a great way to meet men who have the same goal of finding the right match. I would highly recommend this app if your looking for a someone.

Great App

I like the locations feature that was recently added

Great way to meet South Asians

This app is really well thought out, it allows you to meet people across the world rather than just locally within your country. There are six billion people in this world, someone out is definitely out there for you and this app is just taking away the boundries/restrictions. I went to school with some of the founders of this app, some were fellow classmates. Really proud of them and keep up the good work.

Super Glitchy!

The app is super glitchy! I’ve been trying to logout and login again but it won’t let me. Then it said my profile suspended pending review and reviews take 24 hours. It’s been over 48 hours. I wrote to the support team letting them know I’d be happy to verify my identity, I haven’t heard from them in a couple of days. The whole experience is frustrating and disappointing.

Logged me out and wont let me log in!

New update broke the app great job guys

Dils Don’t Refresh

It’s be over 5 days and my “dils” have not refreshed.

Unable to edit my profile! 🤔

After the last update, unable to access the Text Box under Edit Profile->About Me since it slides under the keyboard without any way to access & type into the text box. Please look into this!!


This app has so many glitches. The messages screen doesn’t work so you can match but you can’t message anyone. The app crashes every time you click on the messages. What’s the point? I gave it 1 star for the potential this app has.

Worst Experience

I’ve subscribed for VIP, but I’ve not given a single VIP benefits and waited for 2 days no response from support team. So I cancelled my subscription. If they fix it I would give 5 stars.


Do better for location matching. Stop suggesting people thousands of miles away.

Awesome app

This is a really good app to meet South Asians near you. An awesome way to connect with someone from the community. Good job! 👍🏻

Duplicitous app just don't bother

I live in a HUGE metropolitan area. There are definitely Indian people to match with. But I'm matching with people across the country and in other countries. Since the location preference is VIP (subscription only), it is clear that this is done on purpose to get more subscribers, which super scum-baggy. Why would you expect people to pay for VIP when they're unsatisfied with the free version? Don't bother using the app. It's a waste. CMB is way better.

App crashes daily and messaging is terrible

This app is absolutely terrible. It always crashes and never works properly causing messages to not be sent or received. Sometimes the app doesn't even function or allow to type a message. How can you meet somebody if you cannot communicate with them sufficiently. It becomes awkward. It doesn't properly send pictures either or tell them time correctly for when a message is received. Sometimes a message you received doesn't show up for 3-4 days because the app never works properly. And the location service is terrible. At least show the persons country if not exact city. What if somebody isn't willing to move to a different country, it's a waste of a dil and waste of time on both ends when talking to them and finding out they live in a different country. It would also be nice to know the state they live if you're not willing to move.

Customer service

The app keeps keeps giving notifications when i haven’t received messages and almost resets everyday


I have tried through IOS decide to purchase the unlimited dils. However to no luck isbit applied to my account. I now have 2 charges of posted on my account for whatever reason and yet when trying to reach out for support. No one seems to care.

Please enable login without FB

Great concept. Needed something like this. I don’t have a FB account but I am a real person (duh!) and that stops me from using this app!! How about you verify via email and phone number rather than just social media accounts?

iPhone X

add support to iPhone X, everytime we open a picture need to force-quit the app to proceed further


Whoever made this app and their Dev team must’ve been dropped on their heads as children. Download anything else

Horrible app & terrible customer service

This app has been nothing but disaster. First, the subscription does not work! Then on top of that they give you the run around to prove it’s not working. Then after figuring it out they’re completely MIA. Update: They fixed my problem and gave an handsome goodies

Amazing- great potential

Honestly I was introduced to the APP by my friend who is into dating Girls from the Indian subcontinent. He actually is now serious in getting married to one of the Girls he met through the app. I believe this app has great potential in the US subcontinent, as compared to being pestered to visit matrimony sites by parents- The story for most of us I believe. This approach could actually be the right way to go. It eliminates any form of third party involvement to meet someone who you might have a potential future with or are actually interested to know. Also the ability to match with people from the area is an added plus. I have had pretty good matches and have met a couple of people through this App. The support team is prompt in solving issues too. 5 stars.

Better than other reviews

An issue developed with my profile and the staff fixed the issue very promptly. I was unsure if the issue would resolve as other reviews talked about how it took a long time. But it nice to see them take note of the reviews and be prompt.


Great app. Easy to use

Hangs on quote screen

App Hangs on the opening quote screen. This happens so many times! Now it wouldn’t budge

Love the new messaging!

Chats are super fast now. And like the typing indicator too. 👏

Not worth it

I used the trial of 7 days after likeing free for months still no luck wouldn't consider buying the subscription!


I have been using this app since a month and there is always a login problem. This is some serious issue that needs to be fixed.

Problem with App

I have this app for an while now, today I can’t even open the app it froze and I try to delete the app and reinstall the app but it didn’t work so someone needs to fix it. I have a person waiting for my response from me since I can’t open the app, I am unable to do anything so please fix it.

Bug on the recent update

Your app’s most recent update has bugs and it doesn’t even open which is seriously annoying. I use an iPhone 6s with the most recent iOS. I think if it’s a compatibility issue then you need to address it ASAP!


Wack - too many bugs and lame

Poor filtering even for VIP

I want to start off by saying I have used Dil Mil for over two years, and met a handful of wonderful women through it. Is it subject to the same issues as other dating apps? Yes - people catfish, and ghost, and stand you up sometimes, but that happens to be the unfortunate state of the game these days. Dil Mil is another competitor in the space, but catering to common South Indian values, as indicated by the personality traits and Community filters. In the two years I have used Dil Mil, I have encountered numerous bugs in the UI, creating a messy environment to hold a conversation. However, it has gotten better (very gradually). The Dil limits make sense. Unlimited Dils just gets to be a bit too much. I previously even paid for Dils to start the conversation. Cheaper than buying a girl a drink, I thought. And girls appreciated it. My problem has always been that I would match with girls in a faraway state (or sometimes even country), but the latest update allows VIP members to filter by geography. I made the purchase right away and was satisfied to see the filters actually worked! However, there is a limit to how many people I can actually see, despite my lack of filtering within this narrow geography. Mind you, I live in New York City, and I know for a fact there must be more than 100 profiles within a 50 mile radius. And when i expand to 100 miles, I do see users within 10-15 miles as well. This is a terrible user experience for me because I am not a fool. Dil Mil - treat your paying customers with some respect! I’ll be taking my money to Bumble next month.

Fake app

Totally fake profile from other girls Facebook. Nobody gona response. They just making money to using their app.

very controlled/regulated & limited in freedom

1) Why do you guys only allow a very small number (10) of “dils” per day to hand out to potential matches? At least give us 30+ 2) Why do you guys limit the potential matches that we see per day? I notice so many new matches every new day that it seems like you guys purposely limit the amount I can see per day so that I keep coming to your app every day to see more.

Don’t waste time every single day

Ever wonder wasting your time as per tight schedule?? Then use this app as it wants to waste your time Daily, everyday by giving you mere 10 options each day. Make you comeback every single day And yes if you want anything like filters, distance you better pay $20 each month.


I just joined two days ago and my account is disabled and I have still have messages coming in since I can see the notifications and I am sure people are thinking how rude I am. Not knowing the fact that my pictures and information are on the dating app without me having an access to it. Who came up with the idea of keeping the profile there while not letting the owner have an access to it. After 7 days I will be charged and I was only able to use it for a day. It can be good site for Indians but all the technical problems require a new tech and web developer.


Gets worse version by version



Poor service

DilMil inherently features as an arranged marriage/pen pal site rather than dating website bc it makes the feature for filtering by distance less accessible. Why charge $20/month (steep compared to other sites) for what should have been the value provided by the original product.

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