Dil Mil App Reviews

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Simply amazing

The new glimpse feature along with the simplicity of the app makes it easy to use

Messed up photo uploads

Photo upload is squished and messed up

Cant receive message from anyone

Cant receive message from anyone else apart from 2 of them? Can you solve this issue??


Really like the UI of the app & how it allows you to meet South Asians who share your culture. However Im unable to really utilize it because it doesnt give me the option to match with other South Asians who identify as homosexual. That would be breakthrough if you were able to do that. I think weve progressed in our community a long way to be able to be inclusive to homosexuals and provide them an opportunity to connect with same-sex matches.


Greatest App Of All Time

Excellent concept!!

Nice to finally have an dating app exclusive for south Asians! Would love to have a better location preference option.

Makes me wonder if these resources even exist

The first few days were just fine. Then I start seeing people with descriptions from other sites where Ive encountered them from. Also, most south Asians are not even aware of the app. I hardly match now after day 3 is over. Quite interesting. Business model and sourcing must be researched upon because I have paid for this. Any one know better ? Update : lost cause now. On a scale of 1 to 10 with personal and professional , Id give myself a 6 / 10. 0 hits after day 4-5

What an update!

This update is sooooo good. Glimpse is a really cool feature and you can view all the profile pictures now!!! Thanks a lot Dil Mil team! Keep it up :)

As a female I love this app

I have been on this app for 6 months now. I love this app for the quality of users it has. Great features.

The team is really making this app great!

Every single dollar is worth spending for this fantastic app.

Love Glimpse!

Have spent so much time exploring profiles on the new Glimpse page. Lol. Good work!

Trustworthy and Simple.

Met some really wonderful people.

Love the app!!

So excited about how this app is gonna find me a wifey :)


the app features are one of a kind and make everything much interesting and fluid. Really easy to use

Good one

No bugs!

Found my fiancè

Thanks a lot yall!


My account and my friends account keeps getting deactivated and when we click to go on the app, it shows our profile is hidden and we gotta keep re-activating it. Gets annoying. Fix it.

Awesome App!

User friendly and easy to use - recommend it to everyone!

Great app!

I love how I can be selective in the qualities I want in my potential partner! The app gives me matches based on my preferences and it is very accurate. Love the app and is the best one for south Asians!

Does its thing, the rest is on you

So far so good

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