Dil Mil App Reviews

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Nvr try it PLZ

Its the worst app i ever saw by a desi

Dil Mil

App bugs need fixing. The screen where individuals are matched and displayed is a blank screen and cannot view anyones profile.


I found my mr right ! Thanks to this app!

Good app

Good customer service. I had an issue with not receiving new dils every day and they fixed the issue quickly. They do need an option to set the distance


Cheap version of tinder . Running out of dils.. Not cool improve plewae

Do not download

It freezes for at least half an hour and it works extremely slow. Total waste.

Full of bugs!!

Useless app! It shows pictures of people who are 600kms away. No use of premium subscription and it limits number of likes(Dils) you can give in a day.


This app is awesome. It just matched me with a guy based near where i stay..

Happy with this cute app

Its happy Dil Miling I see. Signed up a while ago and o can tell this is one of the best app ever.

Notifications not working

Update asap!

Love it!

Thanks to this amazing app, I finally got a handsome man whom engaged me last week.

Lots of fun

I having to have lots of fun here. The app is now user friendly and much more improved. Waiting to see what updates the developer have in the play store.

Bug fixes

I like the fact that the new version upgrades are really working much better in my device l. This is more like it.


Its turning out to be a wonderful app. Lets see how it goes so far so good.

Nice concept

This is a great app. With the Asian community around I now see a narrowed option. They could do better by linking us with worldwide based.

Wow!! Excellent!!!

Just what I need. Wish me luck

Very bad

Always show dat ur account is deactivated

Stupid app

Just an another money making dumb app

Buggy App

This app just doesnt want to load up, after the update. It was working fine, before the update. So could please fix this bug soon as possible because I am still looking for my Simran ;)


Downloaded the app, signed in with Facebook, but the app just closes down by itself. Am I doing something wrong? Annoyed!!

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